OKR Hands-on Workshop

OKR Hands-on Workshop


The original OKR concept came from Intel® and spread to other Silicon Valley companies, having been adopted by Google® in 1999 and this supported the company’s growth from 40 employees to over 60,000.
The simplicity of the OKR approach makes the goal setting process faster and easier, drastically reducing the time and resources spent on goal setting and its breadth allows application from strategic to operational levels or even by individuals setting personal or professional goals.


Learning Objectives

  • Plan and communicate OKRs from strategy to execution
  • Be able to apply the OKR approach on an individual and collective base
  • Learn the Do’s and Don’ts in the use of OKRs

Content Outline

  • Intro: context on why, when and how should we consider using OKRs
  • Business Agility and OKR
  • Outcomes over Output
  • The anatomy of a great OKR
  • The OKR cycle: define, align, reach, repeat
  • OKRs in action: do’s and don’ts

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