Kanban for Scrum Teams


Scrum is the industry standard for how agile teams work and works well as a container for other techniques and practices. 

Scrum Teams continue to improve the way they work based on what they learn, continuously inspecting and adapting and Kanban method practices add value by favoring important aspects aimed at transparency, flow and self-management.


Learning Objectives

  • Leverage value delivery using Scrum with Kanban practices
  • Understand how the Kanban method can be combined with Scrum to optimize value delivery
  • Demystify the Kanban and Scrum combination

Content Outline

  • Intro: review on Scrum events, accountabilities, artifacts and rules
  • Understanding the Kanban method
  • What Scrum with Kanban looks like – a Scrum.org perspective
  • Flow metrics for Kanban with Scrum
  • Limiting and Managing Work in progress (WIP)
  • Improving the flow of value
  • Outcomes over Output
  • Measuring what Matters

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