“Any paradigm is good as long as it delivers good results and, at the same time, no paradigm is good if its adoption results in team paralysis and disappointment.” – Alvaro D’Alessandro

What is CLEVER?
CLEVER is Nimble Evolution’s approach to Software Process Improvement that synthesizes a set of Activities, Best Practices, Behaviors, Tools and Artifacts with one simple purpose: Build Better Products and Faster Delivery.
CLEVER is both an acronym that emcompasses 6 main features as well a mindset reminder


One common misconception about agile methodologies is that its adoption means abolishing any sort of control, monitoring, traceability, or similar means to provide visibility about progress.


Our framework is supported by lean practices and a firm belief that we must pursue simple yet effective practices and processes.


A common challenge for companies on an Agile Transformation journey is how to increase the adoption of Agile practices spreading throughout other departments, as well as within the IT department going beyond software development.


Means that every practice and recommendation within the framework is applicable to new products & projects as well as to ongoing initiatives or legacy products that are maintained and evolve at a much slower pace when compared to innovative products or technologies.


More than just doing the right thing, our framework encourages the most appropriate way of performing an activity according to the context and possible choices plus being supported by software tools that boost productivty, velocity and reduce the risk of performance variation.


Our framework is the result of a reasonable and conscient selection among different approaches, frameworks, and methods so that our customers can have the best possible experience without the burden of a 'trial and error' approach.

CLEVER Components

CLEVER focuses its efforts on training and mentoring/coaching as critical success factors to ensure the transformation of the mindset (the mindset) of development teams and ensure that the essential capabilities necessary for team transformation are assimilated and practiced in pursuit of continuous improvement.


“As simple as possible, but no simpler than that”: the phrase popularly attributed to Albert Einstein expresses the essence of CLEVER processes, which are based on the idea of ‘processes in practice’, to cover, in essence, disciplines such as Requirements, Analysis/Design, Implementation and Testing, among others.


Good tools supporting intelligent processes maximize the potential of the team. That’s why CLEVER encompasses a set of technically good tools (recognized in the market) that at the same time present a good cost-benefit ratio, to guarantee the delivery of better software, in a shorter time.

Agility For All Teams

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